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Management Insight and Knowledge for Enterprise.


Introducing MIKE, Management Insight and Knowledge for Enterprise, a powerful innovative interactive methodology created to help our clients and businesses better understand the risk and opportunity landscape. Uncertainty about the widespread consequences of the Global Pandemic will probably continue for years and at Mayer Brown we believe there is a way in which we can look at a top down strategic and holistic response to mitigate the risks, build resilience and prepare for change.

MIKE has been developed to provide you or a team of users with a mechanism so that you can assess your own business' resilience across a range of business legal risks. You also have the option to add your own unique business strategic issues to assess. MIKE then provides you with the ability to assess the importance, quantify and prioritise them according to your business needs.

You can do this independently or with your Mayer Brown contact who will work with you to assess the potential relevance of legal changes.